Queens Wharf, Brisbane

Queens Wharf, Brisbane

Queens Wharf, Brisbane

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The Queen’s Wharf Brisbane project cost 3.6 billion Australian dollars. It is the largest development project in Brisbane’s history. It is one of the top 10 infrastructure projects jointly developed by the Queensland Government, Brisbane City Government and multiple developers. 1. Since its inception, it has been meticulously planned for 5 years and has attracted the attention of countless people in the industry at home and abroad. Queens Wharf takes a prime location that cannot be replicated. It will connect with the Botanic Gardens, Queen Street Shopping Centre, the economic center and the central hub of South Brisbane, making it an iconic tourist attraction in Brisbane. occupying one-tenth of the area of ​​Brisbane city center. Brisbane’s CBD, Australia’s new landmark, Sydney Opera House-style architectural wonders

Figure 4 is the only apartment for sale in the project, with a total of 64 floors. Below the 8th floor is the hotel. The 26th floor has a sky corridor, and you can go to the hotel and casino.

Additional Details

  • Project address: 8 Margaret Street, Brisbane (opposite to the Ferris wheel in the prime CBD area)
  • Architectural design: Cottee Parker Interior design: DBI Architects Builder: Multiplex (first echelon Australian builder)
  • Developer: Far East Development Group, Star Billion Entertainment, Australia Chow Tai Fook Group
  • Project size: 64 floors, a total of 667 sets (6 elevators and 12 households).
  • Completion time: 2024 (the apartment will be completed by the end of 2023),
  • floor plan and recommended floor types: Price: 857,500 Australian dollars. Floor type: Two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Orientation: West-facing area: 83 square meters . Reasons for recommendation : The floor types are well oriented, the two bedrooms and two bathrooms are at a moderate price. It is easier to rent and has an advantage in price. Suitable for high-net-worth investors. The rent for two-bedroom apartments in the same location is 1100 Australian dollars per week, and the three-bedroom apartment is 1800 Australian dollars per week. Calculated based on the 90% occupancy rate 1100 Australian dollars X 52 weeks X 90% (occupancy rate) divided by the total property price = 6%

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